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EGA empowers people to work towards their goals, increase independence, develop skills and participate as valued and active members of the community.

Our vision

An inclusive community where all people including those with disability have equal opportunity to live enjoyable lives of purpose.

Our mission

To provide outcomes-focused, person centered supports for people with disability that build their capacity for independence at home, work and, in the community.

Our values are the essence of who we are

We Smile

We laugh, love and have fun.

We bring energy and passion to our service.

We meet every situation with optimism.


We Move

We respond to challenges with urgency and agility.

We participate in progress by asking questions and offering solutions.

We are not afraid to ‘get our hands dirty’ in order to make stuff happen.


We Grow

We seek opportunities to reach our full potential.

We support each other in pushing boundaries to discover what is possible.

We love learning, seek feedback and, are always considering a better way.


We Respect

We value every persons contribution in creating a vibrant community.

We listen and try to see the world from the perspective of others.

We are proudly ourselves.


We Do Real

We are about real life outcomes for our team and the people we support.

Our teams support a variety of perspectives, exploration of alternatives and independent thinking for better outcomes.


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